Dental Crowns

Why a Crown May Be Best for a Cracked Tooth

With today’s advanced dental technology and materials, many patients can fully restore their worn or cracked teeth without needing a full dental crown. For instance, tooth bonding or a porcelain veneer can often restore the tooth without your dentist having to modify most of its structure. However, dental crowns are still often necessary to completely restore teeth that have suffered from significant dental damage. After thoroughly examining your tooth, your dentist will help you decide if a dental crown is best for your cracked tooth, or if you’d benefit from a more conservative treatment option.

Different Ways a Dental Crown Can Fix Your Smile

The most effective tooth restorations are those that not only immediately fix your tooth, but also protect it from becoming more damaged or infected over time. In many cases, the most effective solution to accomplish both is a custom-designed dental crown. Today, dental crowns can fix your smile in a variety of different ways, from improving a tooth’s appearance to restoring and protecting it’s damaged structure. Even if you’ve lost a tooth or need to have one extracted, a dental crown may be able to restore your smile by replacing it.

Quiz Your Dental Crown Knowledge

Would you say that you’re quite the damaged tooth aficionado? Is there no detail too small or obscure regarding restorative care for you to pick up on? If you happen to feel quite educated on dental crowns, then we think you will pass our quiz with flying colors! However, if you are like many of our patients who know a bit but would like to learn a little more, you just might gather more knowledge with a few true-or-false questions.

Crown Questions: Believe The Benefits!

benefitsblueIf it’s time for you to receive a dental crown, you are probably hoping that the benefits you have been hearing about are actually true (and you will be happy to discover in just a moment that they are, in fact, everything you’re hoping for!). However, when becoming familiar with the advantages of this restorative treatment, you might find it difficult to get a straight answer as you perform independent research. Make your life easy and instead, come to us with these question! Right now, we suggest you get a head start with our answers to frequent concerns.

More Seamless Options for Restoring Your Smile

Restore Your Smile SeamlesslyNo one wants to restore his oral health at the expense of his smile’s natural beauty. And for years that is precisely what restorative treatment meant. Metal fillings and crowns posed a number of potential problems, not the least of which was feeling insecure about the obvious dental work. Fortunately most modern dentists now offer alternatives to traditional metal restorations, which can offer both esthetic and functional benefits. So even if you’ve delayed dental treatment in the past, because of fear that your smile will then look like it has had work done, now is a great time to see what a dentist could do to seamlessly restore your smile!

Do You Need Restorative Dentistry?

Does Your Smile Need Restorative Dentistry?Most patients are advised to visit their dentist at least every six months, for dental checkups and cleanings, which can help keep smiles healthy. But for those that skip out on a checkup or two, it can be all too easy to lose track of time. And if a person doesn’t experience any pain, he or she might even believe that it is fine to go prolonged periods of times between dental visits. Unfortunately this often leads to dental problems, some of which are very noticeable, such as an abscessed tooth, which causes extreme pain, while others can be tough to detect. The good news is that if you do get diagnosed with a dental issue such as a cavity, restorative dentistry can help restore your oral health and preserve your smile!

Lost a Dental Crown? Now What?

Tongue Question MarkImagine that you’re enjoying a nice dinner out, and suddenly you bite down on a hard object? “Oh wonderful!” you sarcastically think. While you’re cursing the chef of the restaurant in your mind, you suddenly realize that the object actually came from you. In fact, it’s your dental crown. Once it has popped off of the tooth it was meant to restore, will you have to start from scratch? Skilled dentists do their best to provide you with a crown which will last. However, there are no guarantees, so you should always be prepared regarding how to deal with an incident such as a lost dental crown.

FAQs About Root Canal Therapy


Few words fill a person with as much dread as “root canal”. Despite this common procedure’s underserved reputation, a root canal helps promote healthy smiles, safeguarding teeth against extraction due to an abscess or infection. Your Katy TX dentist, Dr. Colin Lathrop, can protect and preserve your smile with root canal therapy.

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