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Why You Have to Diagnose a Toothache to Treat It

The thing about toothaches is that, even though it seems like there’s a million ways to treat it, there’s really only one—address whatever’s causing your tooth to hurt. A toothache isn’t a dental concern in itself, but rather a symptom of one. In fact, a toothache can indicate a wide variety of issues, depending on the specific state of your dental health. Because of that, the only way to effectively treat a toothache for good is for your dentist to diagnose and treat the cause of it.

Let’s Review With A Dental Checkup Quiz

Sometimes it’s the most basic stuff that leaves people the most uncertain. For instance, you might be able to rattle off an awful lot of details about fillings or root canals but that doesn’t mean you’ve got the facts down pat as they relate to the importance of dental checkups. Since checkups are extremely significant but we sometimes worry our patients forget about that, we would love for you to take a brief quiz to review.

We Are Happy To Answer Your Bad Breath Questions

As you may have noticed, bad breath can become a lasting problem that doesn’t clear up (even though you may expect it to). When you find yourself experiencing this issue, it becomes harder and harder to ignore. After all, you don’t want to offend those around you or for them to think you don’t care for your smile. Plus, you may worry that something is wrong with your oral health. Well, before you get yourself extremely worried, recognize that there is usually a simple answer. Get started with a Q&A session, so you know how to proceed.

Dental Care: A Little Basic Budget Help

When you’re doing your best to fit dental care into your life, you may be worrying that the reason this is a challenge is because it might not fit into your budget. While we may not know the specifics of your financial plans, we do know that sometimes it takes just a little bit of basic budget help to realize you truly can care for your smile without overspending. Curious about whether you’re already knowledgeable on all of the details or if perhaps there’s something you never considered? Check out our simple recommendations to find out!

Toothache: FAQs

We receive quite a lot of questions at our practice, which is something we always encourage. If we were to go over the more common inquiries that we hear, one of the topics would most definitely focus on the development of a toothache. Since its popularity means you probably feel a bit uncertain about this frustrating yet treatable issue with your smile, we encourage you to make your way through our helpful FAQs session.

Tips For A Successful Spring Smile

It’s spring, if you hadn’t already noticed! What a wonderful time of year. The flowers are blooming, nearly everything seems bedecked in beautiful pastel hues, and you might have a wedding invitation or two sitting in your mailbox. While it’s very easy to take on such a glorious perspective, you might not recognize that there are some dangers lurking just behind the scenes! Consider a few tips so these minor issues don’t get the best of you and your smile health.

Stop These Habits To Avoid Dental Damage

Did you know that there are simple to address habits that can actually take a very serious toll on your smile? When you want to protect your oral health, it can feel a little overwhelming at times. Brushing and flossing is important. Trips to see us are very important. Then there are those other details (like the aforementioned bad habits) to steer clear of. Rest assured, you will learn everything you need to know during checkups with us. For now, let’s cover some significant bad-habit details.

GERD: Why You Should Know About It

GERD is a problem that seems like it’s isolated to your stomach. However, it’s important that if you’re suffering from this issue, you recognize it can actually affect your entire digestive system, which begins with your mouth, so your oral health is at risk! Have you received a diagnosis for gastroesophageal reflux disease? Have you read up on the symptoms and it sounds an awful lot like your experiences? If so, we have some suggestions we strongly encourage you to consider.

Quiz: Are My Taste Buds Off?

While your taste buds may seem to be quite loyal to you, delivering the same experience with flavors for a very long time, it’s never surprising when a patient asks us why things no longer taste the same. A variety of changes can come into play, sometimes as the result of an oral health concern and other times as a natural result of seeing yet another birthday go by. Let’s see what you know with a quiz (and offer up details you have yet to learn).

Quiz: Common Mouth Changes

What to do when you notice a mouth change? How to respond to a symptom in your smile when you have no idea what it points to? What do these different changes suggest? The short answer is that when something changes, you should schedule time to see us right away, so we can detect any possible disease and protect your mouth. As for common things you may notice (like sores and patches), we are happy to help you become familiar with possible causes, so you’re comfortable giving us a call if a change occurs.

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