Root Canal

How Root Canal Treatment Helps You Avoid Tooth Extraction

Finding out just how bad your tooth decay has become can be pretty distressing, but finding out you need root canal treatment to restore it doesn’t have to be. In fact, if your dentist suggests root canal treatment, the good news is that your tooth can still be saved despite the fact that it’s severely decayed. Root canal treatment is the process of removing severe infection from inside of your tooth and its root. At this stage of decay, the tooth may be close to complete or near complete destruction, and root canal treatment may be your last chance to save it.

Could Your Dental Problems Be Cured with Root Canal Treatment?

Questions About Root Canal TreatmentHas a cavity become an infection, one causing dental discomfort or downright pain? If so, you may need root canal treatment. While many people fear root canals, few know why. It could be because they mistakenly believe that a root canal will be a cause of pain, rather than a cure for it. Root canal treatment is actually used to treat severe infections within a tooth, infections that have been known to cause pain for many people. By addressing the infection and removing it, a restorative dentist can help restore your oral health and eliminate your pain. So, if you are worried about needing root canal treatment, or have one scheduled in the near future, take a deep breath and understand the many positive benefits that can come from restorative treatment like a root canal.

Why You Should Say, “Yes” To Root Canal Treatment

toothhappythumbsupWe understand why patients often immediately feel the need to say, “no!” when we recommend root canal treatment for an infected tooth. Many patients who enter our practice come to us with a variety of exaggerated stories they have heard, which cause them to feel nervous rather than confident about treatment. Fortunately, we have a pretty good instinct regarding your concerns and an even better ability to empathize and consider where you’re coming from. Because both your comfort and your oral health are our top priority, we have gathered some compelling reasons you should feel good about restoring your tooth’s health with a root canal.

FAQs About Root Canal Therapy


Few words fill a person with as much dread as “root canal”. Despite this common procedure’s underserved reputation, a root canal helps promote healthy smiles, safeguarding teeth against extraction due to an abscess or infection. Your Katy TX dentist, Dr. Colin Lathrop, can protect and preserve your smile with root canal therapy.

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