What You Should Know if Your Jaw Pops

A popping knee, elbow, or knuckle isn’t usually something that you should worry too much about. Likewise, you might not take much notice when your jaw pops or clicks as you open and close it. However, unlike a knee or elbow, a popping jaw could indicate serious problem, such as a bite imbalance that’s forcing your jaw out of alignment. Today, we look at what a popping jaw could indicate, and why personalized treatment might be necessary to restore your bite’s proper function.

Don’t Ignore Bite Problems

When you wake up and experience a day like any other, except for the fact that you notice a bite problem, you may think to yourself that you should probably just ignore it. However, if that new sensation lingers for another day and another, it is going to be in your best interest to do something about it, rather than sweep it under the rug. Why is this the case and what should you do now? We’ve got the answers you need!

Holiday Hazards For Your Jaw!

You know that there are daily hazards that can make TMJ disorder worse than it must be, which means you are likely quite aware of your usual habits and lifestyle choices. However, you might not be fully informed regarding best practices for protecting a sore jaw over the holidays! Though the usual details still apply, of course, we think you may certainly benefit from helpful suggestions that can assist you in avoiding hazards you may completely overlook, while you’re busy having fun! (Not to fret, we will fill you in on what you’re missing).

Quiz: Migraines, Sore Jaws, And More

You have likely come to the understanding that if you’re dealing with migraines, sore jaws, and more, that it’s often all connected back to one common source: TMJ disorder. However, that doesn’t mean you have all of the answers you need regarding what’s going on, what to do about the details, and more. Then again, you may know a lot more than you realize. Get a better feel for what you know, where you could use a bit more education, and then simply call us up for a visit to improve your oral health!

Cold Weather And Sore Jaw Joints

As the temperatures continue to plummet, while winter makes its official visit to us fairly soon, you may notice that your sore jaw joints feel sorer than usual. As you may already be aware, cold weather frequently aggravates sore joints, which means you might have increased discomfort due to your TMJ disorder. The frustrating news is that nothing but the weather may be leading to the extra stiffness. The good news? We can help you.

TMJ Disorder: Curb The Caffeine Craziness!

Perhaps you are a major fan of coffee. Maybe you’re not into the java so much as you are into tea. Wherever you’re getting your caffeine fix, remember that it might be time to either cut back or give it up if you’re dealing with TMJ disorder. What’s your favorite form of liquid energy got to do with your jaw health, you wonder? While it might not be the only factor making matters not-so-wonderful for your smile, it may certainly be one of them for multiple reasons.

Sore Jaw Relief In A Pinch

Maybe you’ve scheduled a visit with us to learn more about your sore jaw. You know you’ll probably need some form of TMJ disorder treatment but you’re not sure what’s going on or what you will require. Until then, and until you’re feeling serious relief thanks to care from our team (such as TMJ Botox treatment), you may find that you’re dealing with inflammation and pain. Not sure how to respond in a pinch (like during a holiday meal)? Not to worry. We are ready with some helpful ideas.

3 Reasons For A Sore Jaw

Are you wondering about the cause of your sore jaw? Perhaps it’s a momentary result of something you did to irritate your TMJs. Or, perhaps it’s a sign that you need some attention from our practice for a more serious concern like TMJ disorder. As you know very well by now, you can get some good ideas about what might be going on from home. However, for the final say on what’s irritating your jaw, you’ll need a visit!

Migraines Or Holiday Stress?

Not sure if you’re suddenly experiencing migraines, if your teeth gritting and grinding are the result of bruxism and is causing TMJ disorder, or if this is just a particularly trying holiday season? Did you know that sometimes it can be both? When you’re unsure about the cause you but you know for certain you’ve got some jaw discomfort and pain as a result, it’s time to come on in for a visit. Why? Well, let’s walk you through the details.

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