Seeking Migraine Treatment? Call Your Dentist!

Seeking Migraine Treatment? Call Your Dentist!

Do you find that you spend an incredible amount of time combating headaches? Sometimes they are severe. Sometimes they linger. Other time, they are excruciating and you’re convinced that you need migraine treatment. What you may very well be overlooking is the fact that sometimes, your headaches are not something that is going to require powerful medication. In many cases, you simply need to set up a dental visit. Can’t believe what you’re hearing? Let’s talk details!

TMD Tension: Quick Relief

There are a lot of things you are going to learn as you become more familiar with your TMJ disorder. However, when you’re struggling with TMD tension and the discomfort that it brings, what you really want right now is relief. Fortunately, we can provide you with the details you’re hoping to find, so you can feel your muscles and jaw joints relax. Remember, immediate relief is most certainly within reach but caring for the underlying problem is essential for lasting comfort.

TMD: A Review Of The Essentials

Do you know what TMD is (Hint: It’s short for TMJ disorder)? Have you been told before that this issue may affect your oral health? Today, we’d like to break down the details, so you are more familiar with common jaw health concerns, so you feel more certain about your own oral anatomy, and ultimately, so we may help you keep your smile in exceptionally good health. Let’s go through some important details and you’ll be sure to walk away knowing a whole lot more about your jaw joints!

Reasons Your Bite Feels Weird When Chewing

How’s your smile doing when you eat? Do you find that things aren’t feeling quite right when you chew but you’re having a hard time figuring out what’s wrong? Take a moment to consider the changes you’re feeling and then contact us immediately! The sooner you come in for a dental checkup for your bite problems, the sooner we can figure out what’s going on with your teeth and what we can do to help. In the meantime, we have some reasons your bite may feel “off” to share with you, so you realize this issue is more common than you may have initially assumed. (Rest assured, it’s treatable, too).

Bite And Facial Muscle Disharmony: Say What?

You know that you should be able to close your teeth together comfortably for a smile that’s beautiful and that lets you chew and speak without any problems. This closure of your teeth (and the ways your jaws align), of course, is called your bite. While this is all well and good, when we throw a phrase at you like bite and facial muscle disharmony, you may not know what to make of it. However, it might also be the underlying problem leading to all sorts of discomfort for you on a daily basis. Learn more, so you can improve your oral health (and more!).

TMJ Disorder: How Do I Know?

You may find yourself wondering how to figure out whether you’re dealing with TMJ disorder (TMD). Maybe, you think to yourself, you’re experiencing some other problem when soreness or strange symptoms show up. You may also wonder how one is supposed to identify a functional problem like TMD when the issue often flies under the radar for patients (and symptoms are common to a variety of health concerns). While it may seem a little confusing at first, we have some suggestions that will help you out.

Q&A: Jaw Sounds And Sensations

Some individuals never notice a change with the function of their jaw joints. As such, they never learn much about their TMJs (temporomandibular joints, or jaw joints). However, if you’re someone who suddenly begins experiencing new sounds or other sensations in your jaw, or if perhaps this has been going on for quite some time, now is the moment to become much more acquainted with your jaw health. Let’s begin by helping you understand what’s going on and why TMJ disorder treatment might be what you need.

Your Intro To: Disclusion Time Reduction Therapy

Yes, it’s a bit of a mouthful (so to speak)l, which is why we refer to disclusion time reduction therapy as DTR therapy. So, what to make of this? Not sure you’ve ever heard this treatment name before, so you’re not really certain about whether it applies to you? In a nutshell, the therapy is part of a solution that helps address TMJ disorder (TMD), or poorly functioning jaw joints. For a clearer understanding of whether this may benefit you and how it works, allow us to further elaborate!

Implant Dentures Can Restore Your Smile

Losing any amount of teeth can have a devastating impact on your confidence as well as your overall oral health. Restoring your smile can sometimes require multiple procedures that can consume your time and resources. Thanks to recent advancements in dentistry however, dentures are now a viable option for not only those that have suffered the loss of all their teeth on one or both dental ridges, but also for people who have suffered less severe tooth loss. Talk to your dentist and see how implant dentures can restore your smile.

Properly Utilize Your Toothbrush

Your teeth do so much for your mouth and your overall health. They chew your food so you can digest it and stay energized, they help maintain your facial structure, and they let you express yourself with a nice big smile. You owe it to your teeth to give them the best care possible. Doing that starts with the daily act of brushing your teeth. Are you brushing your teeth right? There may be room to improve your habits. Thankfully, you can properly utilize your toothbrush with these tips.

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