TMJ Disorder: Curb The Caffeine Craziness!

TMJ Disorder: Curb The Caffeine Craziness!

Perhaps you are a major fan of coffee. Maybe you’re not into the java so much as you are into tea. Wherever you’re getting your caffeine fix, remember that it might be time to either cut back or give it up if you’re dealing with TMJ disorder. What’s your favorite form of liquid energy got to do with your jaw health, you wonder? While it might not be the only factor making matters not-so-wonderful for your smile, it may certainly be one of them for multiple reasons.

Sore Jaw Relief In A Pinch

Maybe you’ve scheduled a visit with us to learn more about your sore jaw. You know you’ll probably need some form of TMJ disorder treatment but you’re not sure what’s going on or what you will require. Until then, and until you’re feeling serious relief thanks to care from our team (such as TMJ Botox treatment), you may find that you’re dealing with inflammation and pain. Not sure how to respond in a pinch (like during a holiday meal)? Not to worry. We are ready with some helpful ideas.

3 Reasons For A Sore Jaw

Are you wondering about the cause of your sore jaw? Perhaps it’s a momentary result of something you did to irritate your TMJs. Or, perhaps it’s a sign that you need some attention from our practice for a more serious concern like TMJ disorder. As you know very well by now, you can get some good ideas about what might be going on from home. However, for the final say on what’s irritating your jaw, you’ll need a visit!

Migraines Or Holiday Stress?

Not sure if you’re suddenly experiencing migraines, if your teeth gritting and grinding are the result of bruxism and is causing TMJ disorder, or if this is just a particularly trying holiday season? Did you know that sometimes it can be both? When you’re unsure about the cause you but you know for certain you’ve got some jaw discomfort and pain as a result, it’s time to come on in for a visit. Why? Well, let’s walk you through the details.

TMJ Disorder: Do I Have It Or Not?

When you aren’t having very nice sensations coming from your jaw joint area, you may hear from a friend that your problem is probably TMJ disorder (TMD). This may delight you, as it’s always nice to put a name to something that’s confusing you. This may also be something that causes you some unease. What’s TMD all about? How do you know if it’s actually affecting you or if it’s really something else? Should you try to investigate or treat it on your own? There’s no reason to feel worried. There’s an easy way to receive a diagnosis and there are many treatment options, should you need them. Bring our advice on board!

Quiz: Why You Need A Balanced Bite

You may know that it would be nice to enjoy a balanced bite if your bite is off. However, you might not fully recognize that it’s actually very important for your oral health that you do something about this problem. If you’d like some hard facts and easy-to-comprehend information regarding why you should come in if chewing feels a little uncomfortable to you, we’ve got some helpful details in the form of a quiz!

Thanksgiving: Easing Your TMD

Dealing with TMJ disorder over Thanksgiving can turn out to be a literal pain! You don’t want for the problem with your sore jaw to get in the way of the fun. You really don’t want it to get in the way of enjoying all of those wonderful flavors that come with this special day. So, how to prepare, what to do, and will things ever get better, you wonder? Of course, there is help to be had in the form of tips, as well as very beneficial treatment. Give us a chance to help!

The Count To 10 Rule And Your TMJs

You’ve heard of it! Sometimes it’s called the 10-second rule. Other times, you hear someone say, “Count to 10 first.” Whatever the case, the goal is to give yourself to a count of 10 seconds in order to make a decision, calm down, and the list goes on. So, what does counting have to do with your TMJ disorder and protecting your jaw, you wonder? The truth is, this rule can be extremely beneficial for you if you’re doing everything you can to protect your jaw health. Consider some ways it can benefit you!

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