Disclusion Time Reduction

Disclusion Time Reduction (DTR)

Temporomandibular joint disorder (or TMD) is one of many issues that could lead to a host of chronic discomfort, including severe headaches and migraines. As experts in helping patients overcome complex dental health issues, we have extensive experience in diagnosing and treating TMD. Also known as TMJ disorder, the term defines a group of disorders that affects the jaw’s ability to function properly. Each one can lead to symptoms such as worn and damaged teeth, difficulty opening and closing your jaw, and chronic headaches and migraines. Through digital bite analysis and computer guided bite equilibration, we can save your teeth, alleviate headaches, and eliminate other symptoms of TMJ disorder. 

What Is DTR Therapy?

Bad bites are the number one cause of expensive dental restoration. To expand our ability to help patients avoid extensive dental health issues, Dr. Lathrop has extensively studied Disclusion Time Reduction (DTR) Therapy, which is an innovative approach to correcting bite malfunctions that cause TMD and its chronic symptoms. By digitally measuring the relative bite forces of your teeth and recording your muscle physiology with the Tekscan pressure mapping technology, we can identify bite and facial muscle disharmony that could lead to broken teeth, facial pain, migraine headaches, postural imbalances, and more. By determining the time it takes for all of your teeth to fully separate and come together, your dentist can more accurately diagnose your specific TMJ disorder and suggest the most effective treatment.

Ask Your Dentist if DTR Can Help You

If you suffer from chronic TMJ pain, then disclusion time reduction therapy may be able to help you find lasting relief through better bite function. To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX, today at 832-437-3849. You can also request an appointment online by filling out our form here. We proudly serve patients from Katy, Fulshear, Weston Lakes, Simonton, Richmond, Rosenberg, Brookshire, Wallis, Orchard, Cypress, Sealy, Columbus, and all surrounding communities.

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