Preventive Dentistry in Katy

preventiveThe Value of Early Intervention

Early detection and treatment of dental disease is the prime directive of the preventive dentistry services we offer at Lathrop Dental Center. Dr. Colin Lathrop and our talented team of caring professionals truly want our patients to enjoy the highest level of oral health, and the best way to achieve this is to stop problems before they start. We like to see our patients every six months so we can keep a close eye on developing issues, such as tooth decay, gum disease, TMJ disorder. When a problem occurs, early detection through advanced technology allows Dr. Lathrop to provide a more conservative treatment plan. We also take the time to educate our patients about the importance of consistent dental hygiene practices at home. Together as a team, we can help you and your family enjoy healthier smiles.

Our Preventive Dentistry Services

Many people are surprised to learn that preventive dentistry is about more than just teeth. The mouth is a complex part of the body, composed of many parts working together to perform vital tasks like speaking and eating. Dr. Lathrop provides care for the whole mouth, including:

Oral-Systemic Health

Simply put, oral-systemic health refers to the widely held belief that the health of the mouth can directly impact the health of the body. A large body of research has demonstrated that the presence of certain oral health disorders, such as gum disease, can actually increase a person’s likelihood of developing systemic illnesses like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and Alzheimer’s. Infections arising from untreated tooth decay can lead to higher blood pressure, nausea, vomiting, and difficulty breathing. TMJ disorder, which affects the jaw joints and therefore falls under the purview of your family dentist, can cause chronic headaches, popping jaws, sore jaws, and facial, neck, and shoulder pain that seriously inhibit your quality of life. Providing timely and effective care for these oral health issues in their earliest stages will help you avoid worsening symptoms.

Establishing Good Habits at Every Age

As a family dentistry practice, we provide care to patients from all stages of life, from toddlers to senior citizens. Our children’s dentistry services focus on helping small hands adapt to using a toothbrush and dental floss. For teen and adult patients, we can help you sharpen your at-home dental care routine. Dr. Lathrop and his team can also make recommendations regarding the best tooth brush, floss, and mouth rinse for your unique needs. We only see most of our patients twice a year. Between visits, it’s up to you to maintain a high level of good oral health through regular care.

A proactive approach to dentistry meets a compassionate approach to patient care.

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