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How Much Do You Know about Dental Sedation?

Every time period has amazing elements. Of course, there are certainly many reasons to look at the past and think that we have come a long way as a developing society. A great example of this is sedation dentistry. Once upon a time, there weren’t any numbing options for dental work. If a tooth needed to be extracted, the patient would have to literally grit their teeth through the pain. In this day and age, Katy TX dentist, Dr. Colin Lathrop, can offer you sedation options if you feel nervous about going to the dentist. Try this true or false quiz to learn more.


Q1. True or false – Another name for nitrous oxide is “grinning gas.”

Q2. True or false – Sedation dentistry is not an option if you have a sensitive gag reflex.

Q3. True or false – A patient who undergoes sedation for dental work should make sure to arrange transportation home after their procedure.


A1. FALSE – Laughing gas is the common term assigned to nitrous oxide. However, most patience don’t technically laugh while under the influence of the gas, but rather feel relaxed, calm, and worry-free.

A2. FALSE – On the contrary, sedation is the perfect option for patients with extra sensitive gag reflexes. For patients that deal with this, going to the dentist can begin to cause unwanted anxiety, even for a basic cleaning. Unfortunately, nerves can actually exacerbate a gag reflex. If this vicious cycle afflicts you, consider sedation and your worries of gagging will be gone.

A3. FALSE – Certain forms of sedation have fewer side effects than others. With nitrous oxide, for example, the compound wears off so quickly, you can probably drive home on your own after a temporary observation period. However, for heavier sedation methods (such as IV sedation) you should arrange a ride home in case your reflexes are impaired for a while.

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