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The Red Carpet is Waiting for your White Smile

White smiles are in.  Just take a look at any red carpet during this time of year, known as “awards season” in the film industry. Patients often take their cues from their favorite actors, actresses, and performers on how to look. Many people turn to Katy, TX dentist, Dr. Colin Lathrop to reverse the tooth discoloration that has resulted from smoking, red wine, coffee and aging so their teeth will shine as brightly as the stars. Whitening options for teeth have come a long way, but cosmetic dentistry procedures are still safest when done under the guide of a trained dentist.

Desiring a Hollywood Grin?

White teeth are a Hollywood standard, and celebrities often set trends when it comes to appearance. It’s no wonder that an actor or actress (whose facial features are going to be magnified on a movie screen) would want to tend to their grin. Yellowing and stains on teeth are a sign of age. Whitening teeth is likely to take years off of your appearance and give you an inner confidence that encourages you to smile bigger and brighter. In that way, Hollywood has it right, but it’s important to be realistic and remember that photos in magazines and on the internet are sometimes altered, giving us a skewed idea of what a healthy, white smile should look like.

Beware of Too Much Whitening

When you whiten your teeth too often, your results will end up the exact opposite of what you’re going for. Your teeth can actually become too white. When tooth enamel and dentin are rendered translucent, they will actually appear grey. Whitening with certain systems (especially if your teeth aren’t healthy to begin with) can result in sensitivity and further issues with your smile.  Dr. Lathrop will always examine you first to ensure that your teeth are healthy enough to provide a good foundation that will stand up to professional teeth whitening.

Teeth Whitening from Katy, TX Dentist

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