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The Inner Beauty of your Smile

The definition of beauty is subjective. Have you ever heard everyone around you gushing about a supposedly “hot” celebrity and find yourself thinking, “huh…I don’t get it.” One man’s art, sculpture, or favorite movie is another man’s waste of space. When you think of inner beauty, however, there is probably a more common universal ideal. Kindness, selflessness, generosity…these are the makings of what’s important on the inside of a person. Your teeth have a different kind of “inner beauty” that may not qualify as your idea of attractive. However, to Katy, TX dentist, Dr. Colin Lathrop, healthy inner tooth anatomy is one of the most beautiful things he sees in his patients.

The Many Layers of Teeth

Starting from the outside-in, your teeth are coated with enamel. This is the hardest substance in your body. Tooth enamel is translucent and designed to create an impenetrable shell of protection for your sensitive teeth. Inside your mouth live hundreds of bacteria – some a good natural part of your oral eco-system, and others dead set on infecting your teeth and gums. The bulk of your teeth is comprised of dentin. Dentin is much softer and more susceptible to damage than enamel. Inside dentin are tubules which allow nerves to transmit sensations, vitamins, and minerals throughout the entire anatomy of your teeth. Underneath the part of your gum tissue that meets with your tooth crowns is your dental pulp. Tooth roots and bundles of nerves and tissues reside there to anchor and nourish your smile.

Pay Attention to the Inside

If your mouth is full of tooth decay or red, puffy gums, this is probably a message from your body that the inner beauty of your teeth is in great danger. When the insides of your teeth become damaged, the outsides will follow after. Infections take time to spread, however, so this is one of the main reasons why biannual checkups and twice daily oral hygiene sessions are so important. When Dr. Lathrop and his team implement a series of dental x-rays at your checkups, internal damage is caught early and treated before the appearance of your outer dental beauty is in any danger.

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