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Are those Natural Teeth or Dental Implants?

Your Katy dentist, Dr. Colin Lathrop is happy to offer patients a variety of tooth replacement options. A recommendation will naturally depend upon your exact situation. Some people still make great candidates for traditional dentures. A fixed dental bridge may also make a viable solution. However, more and more these days, patients are opting for dental implants because of the many advantages they offer. No other modern solution offers quite as natural a way to replace your lost primary teeth.

As Real as Replacement Teeth Get

There are two specific concerns when you lose adult teeth: form and function. The beauty of dental implants is the way they answer to both so completely. The biocompatible titanium rods act as a root replacement. Implanted through your gingival tissues (gums) and into your actual jawbone, the posts make for a very strong anchor to tooth-like porcelain crowns. High-quality dental crowns are color matched and shaped to fit seamlessly with any surrounding teeth you have left. The beauty of dental implants is they’ll never slip or slide, and then no one will be able to tell you have faux teeth because they appear so natural and stay so firmly in place.

Simple to Maintain

Dental implants are surprisingly easy to maintain. All you need to keep your implant retained dentures pristine is to brush and floss your teeth just as you’ve always been taught. Removable dental bridges and traditional dentures require daily cleaning with special solutions which ends up tying you to time and financial commitments beyond the initial treatment. Dental implants are so similar to a natural smile, you may soon forget that you ever lost a tooth in the first place. However, if bad dental habits were the cause of your tooth loss, you’ll want to turn over a new leaf with your dental hygiene so your implants will last for many years.

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