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Replacing Silver Fillings with the Tooth-Colored Variety

Do you have any silver amalgam fillings in your mouth? Many people all over the world still do since the material has been filling cavities for well over a century. The evolution of fillings dictates that most dentists now primarily utilize tooth-colored composite-resin materials for a more desirable cosmetic look. Environmentalists are happier with composite fillings as well because amalgam may have a negative impact on the earth. And how about your health? Katy dentist, Dr. Colin Lathrop will weigh in on mercury in amalgam fillings.

Filling you in On the History

It all started in the 1830s. Fresh from France, the brothers Crawcour introduced a material called royal mineral succedaneum to the dental profession. You may also know these fillings as amalgam, an alloy of metals designed for cost-effectiveness and strength. Before that time, gold was the main filling material, and it simply wasn’t affordable for many people. This meant extractions were more common than restorations. Even as far back as the mid-1800s the American Society of Dental Surgeons (ASDS) protested amalgam based on their mercury concerns. However, science prevailed, and with no compelling evidence of mercury poisoning, amalgam became the widespread filling type of choice for many years.

Out with the Old?

No matter how much science backs up the notion that a small amalgam filling does not expose someone to high enough mercury levels to cause concern, there are still people who just don’t feel comfortable with the notion. You deserve to feel at ease with anything permanently a part of your anatomy. If you have silver amalgam fillings you are anxious to replace, we are open to discussing it. Of course, there are compelling studies which say you are exposed to more mercury when a filling is removed than you would if you kept it in your mouth. That said, metal can swell to a point of tooth cracks, cause tooth sensitivity, and lead to cosmetic unhappiness. If you would like to change to a tooth-colored filling, contact Dr. Lathrop for a consultation.

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