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Dental Trends Unlikely to Take Off

You’ve probably seen enough babies with pierced ears to feel used to the look. However, you might feel jarred at the sight of a toddler with a lip or tongue ring. Unfortunately, this is the way most dentists feel when they see anyone with oral piercings. The trend of physical self-expression may evoke liberation in the people who do it, but their teeth and gum tissue is at great risk for damage. Other trends affect dental health as well. Anyone who decides to temporarily bejewel the surfaces of their teeth are begging for scratched, fractured, or chipped tooth enamel. The American Dental Associating (ADA) worries that trapped food and bacteria collecting under this type of tooth jewelry will cause unwanted decay. Katy dentist, Dr. Colin Lathrop will take a look at some other unusual cosmetic dental trends that fortunately aren’t so popular at the moment.

Gap Widening

In 2010, Tyra Banks was happily hosting America’s Next Top Model when she encouraged one of her proteges to undergo a rather extreme (and decidedly unusual) cosmetic dental procedure. The young contestant already had a diastema, which is a large gap in between the two top front teeth. When patients want help to close gaps, dentists usually recommend dental bonding, porcelain veneers, or dental crowns. On the off the wall advice of Ms. Banks, however, the young model decided to go for a widening procedure instead, believing it would make her stand out as a model. A dentist shaved off 0.25 millimeters from each tooth.

Vampire Teeth Forever?

Vampires come and go in popularity. However, when someone becomes a true fan, they can’t seem to get enough. They may even dress like their undead heroes. Thus, they have their teeth permanently reshaped to look like fangs in a contouring procedure. Unfortunately, removing this much tooth enamel and dentin poses a real oral health risk. Dr. Matthew Messina represents the ADA and strongly urges patients against filing their teeth so extremely. Beyond the weakening of tooth structure, most people’s vampire obsessions don’t remain life-long. Filed into fangs, vampire teeth will require additional (and costly) dental work to bring you back to the land of the living.

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