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Toothache True-or-False

When you take stock of your body, how many sensations do you notice? Do you have any feelings which might qualify as aches and pains? When your body is assaulted by discomfort, your regular tasks are often difficult to carry out. Teeth are so small, yet for some reason, toothaches are among the most pervasive pains. The nerves seem to shoot out far beyond the localized area, causing pain which makes it difficult to sleep, eat, and speak. Preparing yourself for prevention or identification of a toothache is often the best way to ensure the quickest resolve to the situation. So try this quiz from Katy dentist, Dr. Colin Lathrop to teach yourself some helpful knowledge.


Q1. True or false: Toothaches always relate to some type of cavity.

Q2. True or false: Six month dental checkups will prevent all toothaches.

Q3. True or false: Teeth grinding can cause toothaches.


A1. FALSE – Yes, a toothache is often the result of a cavity. However, there are dozens of other possibilities. Dental damage, gum disease, and even sinus infections can cause tooth pain. If you have severe tooth decay, the infection often travels deep into the roots of your teeth, leading to the need for a root canal procedure.

A2. FALSE – Biannual cleanings and checkups will ensure that tooth decay is caught before a cavity can cause a substantial toothache. However, there are no guarantees against getting a toothache because there are so many different variables. However, your risk for any of the issues which cause tooth discomfort will become dramatically lower when you maintain good preventive dental care.

A3. TRUE – Bruxism (teeth grinding) is another common cause of tooth sensitivity or pain. When you clench and grind, your protective outer layer of tooth enamel will become damaged and worn away. The underlying dentin is comprised of tubules which expose nerves to sensations. When teeth become worn down due to grinding, they are more likely to crack, chip, or break.

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