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Momentous Occasions That Call for a Smile Makeover

As any of our patients will tell you, confidence in your smile isn’t just for special occasions. It’s about loving the way you look and feel about yourself every single day. Each patient has a unique vision of their perfect smile, says Katy, TX cosmetic dentist Dr. Colin Lathrop, which means that each smile makeover may include a different combination of treatments. You won’t find a one-size-fits-all approach here.

Examples of services available as part of your smile makeover include:

Congratulations, You’re Engaged

Or at least you know someone who is, anyway. June kicks off wedding season, which means photographers, bridal portraits, and Instagram pics at every turn. Dr. Lathrop treats everyone from the bride to the mother-of-the-bride to the best man. We offer two teeth whitening options as part of our smile makeovers, allowing you to choose the treatment that best fits with your busy schedule. Use our take-home teeth whitening kit to brighten your smile in the comfort of your home, or add in-office treatment to eliminate the most resilient stains.

You Got the Job

The appearance of your smile influences the way others view you, even in a professional environment. According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, people perceive that those who have a healthy smile are more successful, confident, and professional. Stained or chipped teeth, on the other hand, are viewed far less favorably. As part of your smile makeover, porcelain veneers can fill gaps between teeth, repair chips and cracks, brighten your smile, and even treat slightly crooked teeth. The results of one study reveal that an employee’s authentic smile has a favorable impact on a customer’s perception of a company and its products and services–helpful for those sales calls and negotiations.

Still haven’t landed the job of your dreams? A dynamic, authentic smile offers several advantages in a job search and interview environment. A study shows that job candidates who appear to have an authentic smile are often deemed more suitable for the job, and that they are also more likely to be short-listed and hired.

You’re in the Spotlight

A 2012 study used a “Smile Index” to measure the degree to which voters responded to political candidates based on each candidate’s smile. Smiles were graded on a continuum as non-smiling, half-smiling, and smiling openly. The results confirmed that the appearance of a candidate’s smile plays an important role in voters’ evaluation of the candidate’s personality, with those who smiled most openly enjoying a clear advantage over those who did not smile or did not appear to smile in earnest. Politicians aren’t the only high-profile types to benefit from a smile makeover. We find that teachers, professors, public speakers, and even medical doctors benefit from an improved smile.

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