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Does your Dentist Embrace 3D Technology?

Have you been going to the same dentist for many years? When you love and appreciate the people at the dental practice you frequent, you may overlook certain elements in the office. However, look around. If the dental team hasn’t made the effort to keep up with the times by updating their office technology, you may want to think about a switch. New techniques and procedures are improved upon constantly, so an office that has the same outdated machines from when they first started their practice 20 years ago may not have your best interests in mind. Katy, TX dentist, Dr. Colin Lathrop keeps his office equipped with the latest advances and is even hosting a 3D technology summit at the end of June.

A 3D Technology Summit

With so much great information out there, why not share it with all of your colleagues? There’s room for all of us to embrace the best and brightest in technological advances. This is why Dr. Lathrop and the rest of our team are hosting the 3D technology summit for other dentists to learn about the type of 3D x-rays we routinely use for oral surgical procedures. This amazing equipment has multiple uses, including dental implant planning, dental checkup evaluation, and pathology for oral cancer screenings. The 3D x-ray unit which Dr. Lathrop specifically uses is made by a company called Vatech America. The company asked Dr. Latrhop to share his clinical experiences with other dentists who are interested in incorporating this advanced technology in their own dental practices.

Keeping Dentists Informed

The equipment Dr. Lathrop has in house is the ipax green panoramic/CBCT x-ray unit. For more information about this system, or to see images, click here: (http://www.vatechamerica.com/products/cbct-panoramic/pax-i-3d-green.php). While this is not a public event, the efforts to bring dentist’s in the area together to learn more about the latest 3D technology in the field will have a trickle-down effect on patients. Do you want to go to a dentist that’s living in the future? Thanks to summits like these, standards are being set all over the country to benefit patients.

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