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Lost a Dental Crown? Now What?

Imagine that you’re enjoying a nice dinner out, and suddenly you bite down on a hard object? “Oh wonderful!” you sarcastically think. While you’re cursing the chef of the restaurant in your mind, you suddenly realize that the object actually came from you. In fact, it’s your dental crown. Once it has popped off of the tooth it was meant to restore, will you have to start from scratch? Skilled dentists do their best to provide you with a crown which will last. However, there are no guarantees, so you should always be prepared regarding how to deal with an incident such as a lost dental crown.

Dealing with a Dislodged Dental Crown

The most obvious action to take if you have a dislodged crown is to make sure you safely remove it from your mouth. This ensures that you won’t be in danger of accidentally swallowing the crown. If you are too late to figure it out, and you end up swallowing your dental crown, do your best not to panic. A metal or ceramic crown is just like anything you might consume. It will most likely pass once it goes through your digestive system, though you may want to call your general physician. Also, call your dentist immediately if you should lose a crown. They will provide you with instructions and arrange an appointment as soon as possible.

Types of Dental Crowns

Crowns are fabricated from different materials, though porcelain-fused-to-metal-crowns (or PFM crowns) were the most popular sort for a time. The strength of the metal underneath combined with the aesthetics of the porcelain coating seemed to provide the best of both worlds in terms of restoration and cosmetics. Unfortunately, black at the gumline makes PFM crowns appear very obvious. This is just the way the edge of the metal appears on certain smiles. For this reason, Dr. Lathrop usually recommends layered zirconia crowns or lithium disilicate (e.max) crowns. Both of these high quality materials provide restoration and cosmetics for the ultimate form and function.

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