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Dental Emergency? What Should you Do?

Severe toothaches and significant injuries to the teeth or gums should never be ignored. Not taking timely action in the case of an emergency can result in permanent oral health damage and a need for much more extensive treatment in the future. Are you ready to deal with all sorts of dental emergencies?

What if a Tooth is Chipped or Broken?

If you have an accident, or sustain an injury that breaks one or more teeth, try to locate the tooth fragments if they are of a significant size that could possibly be reattached. If there is bleeding, pressing gauze to the area of injury for roughly 10 minutes should help the bleeding to stop. Cold compresses can keep swelling down while you make your way to the dentist. Locate a ride to the dentist since you are not likely to be in the state of mind for safe driving.

What if a Tooth is Knocked Out?

As with chips and breaks, retrieving an entire dislodged tooth is essential if there is any chance of reattachment. Rinse the tooth with water if should there be debris on it, but take caution if there is any tissue still attached to the tooth. You can keep the tooth moist by putting it in a small container of milk, or a cup of water with a pinch of table salt. Swift action in getting to your emergency dentist within an hour offers you a chance of having your original tooth returned to the socket.

Abscessed Teeth

Abscesses are infections at the root of the tooth, or inside periodontal pockets that exist in cases of severe gum disease. If you have severe pain along with a pimple-like swollen spot on your gums, you should schedule an emergency dental appointment. If abscesses are allowed to fester, tissue damage can occur and potentially serious infection can spread to other parts of the body.

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