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Questions You Should Ask About Teeth Whitening

Even if you’re proficient enough with your toothbrush, floss, and dental checkups that you avoid tooth decay and gum disease, you might not be able to prevent your teeth from losing their youthful exuberance. Fortunately, you don’t have to settle for a duller smile. With professional teeth-whitening, you can restore your smile’s pearly appearance, and without the need for lengthy or complicated treatment.

About Your Brighter Smile

1.) What over-the-counter teeth whitener works best?

With the multitude of over-the-counter teeth whitening products available today, it can be difficult trying to choose the right one. The thing is, very few of them are the right one, and none of them are strong enough to erase anything more than the most minor of tooth stains. For more satisfactory results, and to reduce the risk of misuse, we offer a variety of teeth-whitening options that can be applied with the same convenience as most over-the-counter options.

2.) How do I apply professional teeth-whitening?

Our take-home teeth-whitening kit contains custom-made trays that glide comfortably over your teeth. The trays are designed specifically for your upper and lower dental ridges, and allow you to apply the whitening agent evenly over all of your teeth. Each tray should be worn for about 30 minutes every day for two weeks, and for additional strength, we may recommend the Kor system, which combines the take-home kit with a quick, single visit in-office whitening treatment.

3.) Does teeth whitening work for all teeth stains?

Despite its effectiveness, professional teeth-whitening isn’t always the right option. For instance, if your teeth are discolored because they’ve suffered internal infection or damage, then you’ll need a restorative treatment to restore the tooth’s health before you can improve its appearance. Along with results, a professional dental health assessment is another benefit of seeking professional whitening treatment instead of an over-the-counter product.


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