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How Six Month Braces Work

Not all braces are the same. Just like your smile is unique from everyone else’s, so are the different ways in which we can straighten crooked teeth, when necessary. For instance, if your teeth are crooked enough to affect your smile’s appearance, yet don’t require extensive repositioning, we may recommend Six Month Braces, designed to focus on discretion while improving your smile’s aesthetic appeal. The secret to how Six Month Braces work lies partly in their advanced memory wire that returns to its original shape if bent, and helps move your teeth faster.

The Science of Orthodontic Treatment

Essentially, orthodontic treatment is the science of carefully moving (repositioning) misaligned teeth—a condition known as malocclusion. However, the actual process is often more complicated than simply moving your teeth; treatment has to allow enough time for the jawbone supporting your teeth to reform around their new positions. Therefore, conventional orthodontic braces are typically worn for two years or more before achieving satisfactory results.

The Innovation of Six Month Braces

While some severe cases of malocclusion require comprehensive orthodontic treatment, the truth is that many don’t. For older teen and adult patients, crooked teeth are often fixable without extensive repositioning and jawbone reformation. The Powerprox Six Month Braces system, made from innovative, nearly-invisible brackets and discreet memory wire, can help realign your mildly or moderately crooked teeth without the prolonged treatment of traditional braces. By focusing on the cosmetic aspects of your smile, Powerprox achieves results in just six months—only a quarter of the time usually needed to straighten teeth.

How Do You Know if Six Month Braces Will Work for You?

To determine if your malocclusion can be fixed without conspicuous metal braces, we’ll perform an examination of your teeth and oral structures to gauge the alignment of your teeth and bite. If malocclusion is present, but not too severe, then you may be a viable candidate for Six Month Braces.


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