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3 Surprising Reasons to Choose Sedation

You know that dental anxiety is an acceptable reason to ask your dentist for sedation dentistry. But if you feel only minor nerves related to certain procedures and you think you simply need to give yourself a pep talk, think again. From fear that simply seems too mild to a variety of other concerns, many patients miss out on the benefit of sedation – and consistent dental care – because they assume sedation is not for them. Consider a few surprising and completely acceptable reasons that might make you an excellent candidate.

You Have a Strong Gag Reflex

You have done everything you can in the dentist’s chair, but even meditations and mantras haven’t helped you relax enough to avoid gagging. Some patients simply have a strong gag reflex, which can make receiving dental care difficult and often uncomfortable. If this applies, speak with your dentist today about how sedation may help relax you — and that reflex of yours.

You Are Sort of Anxious

Many patients have the idea that sedation is only for people who feel too nervous to even say the word “dentist” but this simply is not the case. If you would feel more at ease with something like nitrous oxide that takes the edge off, you should always remember to speak up. The more your dentist can do to help you feel comfortable, the better. And the more likely you will be to schedule all of your necessary procedures and appointments.

You Need A Lot of Work Done

Sure, you could schedule your complex dental work out over the course of three weeks when you have a few spots open in your schedule. Or, you can visit the dentist for an extended block of time. By offering sedation, you will feel deeply relaxed, will not realize how much time has passed, and will accomplish extensive treatments in one sitting.


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