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Sign On for Dental Sealants: FAQs

Each one of your child’s teeth is precious, making up the complete adorable smile you are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to protect. But what can you do when your child is already brushing and flossing? Is there something else you may be able to accomplish to promote comfort and oral health, while helping your child avoid cavities? For a proactive approach, we encourage you to consider the many benefits of dental sealants. Because many parents have a general understanding of this treatment but tend to ask similar questions, we invite you to look over the following inquiries and answers, so you can get a better feel for whether sealants are right for your little one:

Questions and Answers About Dental Sealants

Question: Why do you offer sealants?

Answer: We believe in providing preventive care to help your child avoid oral health issues, rather than waiting for them to develop to treat them. Sealants protect your child’s teeth against plaque adhesion, which subsequently offers protection against tooth decay.

Question: How do you apply a sealant?

Answer: We prep your child’s teeth by cleaning them thoroughly. We will then gently paint on a thin coating of plastic over back teeth. Once they set, your child’s procedure is done.

Question: Is sealant placement comfortable?

Answer: Yes, it is comfortable and quick.

Question: How do sealants work?

Answer: They act as a physical barrier. We place them over your child’s back teeth because they are extremely hard to reach and care for thoroughly. Even if your child is practicing excellent home dental hygiene, back teeth have tiny grooves and areas where bacteria, food, and sugars may hide. As plaque and debris rest in these places, they greatly increase your child’s chances of developing cavities. Dental sealants prevent this from happening.

Question: Will they last a long time or do I need to visit you for replacement sealants very often?

Answer: Yes, they last a long time. From 5 to 10 years in most patients. That means you can reap the benefits for many years, while your child enjoys successful brushing and flossing.


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