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Your Tooth Contouring Questions: Answered

Patients who feel unhappy about unsightly teeth often overlook the simple yet effective cosmetic solutions we offer. Rather than assuming you will need an extremely complicated or costly treatment for problems like “vampire teeth” or an uneven teeth line, we encourage you to speak with us about tooth contouring. This budget-friendly treatment can comfortably and efficiently improve the contour – or shape – of individual teeth for a beautiful smile. Look over the following questions we commonly receive from patients for the answers you are seeking:

Questions About Contouring

Question: Will it be uncomfortable?

Answer: No, tooth contouring is prized partially for its comfort. You will not require anesthesia.

Question: Will you need to use any artificial pieces to improve my teeth?

Answer: No, this process is completely dependent on reshaping your natural tooth. We will use a polishing or buffing tool to gently re-shape your tooth. We will remove a very small portion – mere millimeters – of its enamel, or outermost layer. This will allow you to achieve the tooth shape and smile appearance you desire.

Question: What types of problems qualify for treatment?

Answer: If reducing your tooth will help the aesthetic value of your smile, you are likely a good candidate. For example, let’s say two of your teeth are slightly longer than the rest, making your smile appear uneven. We may reduce the length of those teeth so they are all even, for a uniform smile. Or, perhaps you have super-pointed bicuspids (vampire teeth) – we can smooth this concern or other problems for teeth feel comfortable and that complement your features.

Question: What if my teeth overlap one another?

Answer: If the overlapping is minor, we may be able to use tooth contouring to gently reduce the tooth in front of the other. This will allow the teeth to look as though they are resting side-by-side, allowing you to achieve less challenging hygiene.


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