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Dental Bonding: Will It Help Your Smile?

Have you ever taken a look at a photo of yourself, wishing your smile looked more polished? Are you dealing with small imperfections like chips that make you feel embarrassed for others to see your teeth? Maybe you assume that you need orthodontics to close the spaces in your smile, so you don’t even bother finding out if there are other solutions. When it comes to esthetic issues that require the placement of additional tooth tissue, we encourage you to learn more about dental bonding. This cosmetic treatment just might be the answer you have been looking for to achieve a surprisingly transformed, much more beautiful smile. Find out more about whether it can help you with the following:

What’s Wrong With Your Smile?

One of the easiest ways to determine whether dental bonding will improve your smile is to find out what you dislike about it. Dental bonding adds tissue where you need more. We will use composite – a color-customizable resin – that will blend beautifully with the rest of your tooth. We can often improve the following types of concerns with bonding:

  • You have a chip in your tooth that is cosmetic in nature
  • You are suffering from a minor crack that you find unsightly
  • You have small spaces between your teeth that you wish you could fill
  • One or more of your teeth is short – you wish it could be as long as the teeth surrounding it for a more uniform smile
  • You have serious staining on your tooth that you would like to camouflage

Have Time For A Visit?

Dental bonding is often an appropriate cosmetic treatment for patients in part because of its efficiency. Rather than needing to worry about several appointments, you can rest easy knowing that you can improve your smile with what will likely take only one visit. We will apply the composite, shape it, dry it, polish the bonded area and your tooth, and you will be finished. Fortunately, bonding is also completely comfortable, so you will not need an anesthetic.


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