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Don’t Lose Your Head…Or Your Tooth

Dental emergencies can pop up when you least expect them. Maybe there was a slight pain nagging at the back of your consciousness that finally progressed into a full-blown problem. Maybe you bit into a bagel and your crown fell out. It can be any of a number of things that happens suddenly. That’s why they are called emergencies because they are a sudden, unexpected occurrence that needs immediate attention. If you are faced with a dental emergency, what should you do? Don’t lose your head…or you might lose your tooth.

Common Dental Emergencies

Some common dental emergencies include breaking or chipping a tooth on a piece of ice, hard candy, or even a fork, spoon, or glass. Teeth can get knocked out while playing a sport (or during a barroom brawl), or other accident. If the tooth doesn’t get knocked out maybe it was knocked loose. A pounding toothache is always a dental emergency, and broken fillings or crowns, or a dislodged crown can be a need for concern. In any one of these instances there are things you can do until you reach your dentist.

Home Treatment

Broken filling or crown: Don’t swallow it! Usually you are eating when a filling or crown breaks. Be careful you don’t swallow it. Discard the filling but save the crown, as your dentist can rebond it.

Toothache: Rinse your mouth with warm salt water and take some Tylenol or Ibuprofen. If you suspect that it is caused by a piece of food, gently floss the area to try to remove it.

Knocked out tooth: Immediately find and save the tooth. Reinsert it into the original socket or store it in a container of milk, water, or saliva, and see your dentist ASAP.

Tooth knocked loose: Rinse your mouth with warm salt water and visit your dentist ASAP. The tooth can be saved by placing it back into position and protecting it with a splint until the connective tissues heal.

Chipped or broken tooth: If the jagged edge of the tooth is causing tissue pain or damage, cover it with a piece of sugarless gum until you visit your dentist.


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