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Never Heard Of Interceptive Orthodontics? Read All About It.

There is much more to children’s dentistry than teaching your child how to care for their teeth; working to develop a comfort level with dental treatments beginning with their first, or no later than their second, birthday; and prevention and early detection of cavities. Other treatments can include dental sealants, fluoride treatments, dental spacers, and/or interceptive orthodontics. Never heard of interceptive orthodontics? Read all about it here.

Children’s Dentistry

Children usually begin to get their first permanent teeth around four to six years of age. At around the age of seven, their molars should begin to erupt. In the past, orthodontic treatment wasn’t even considered until the age of 12 to 14 after the child’s teeth had already erupted, and not unless their teeth were crooked or crowded. Because of this, dentists were often required to remove permanent teeth to make room for the other teeth while undergoing braces treatment.

Interceptive Ortho

Interceptive orthodontics “intercepts” problems before they become serious. Children are treated at younger ages, usually between seven and 11. It is a way to help keep permanent teeth, and younger children tend to be more receptive to and compliant with the treatment. Interceptive orthodontics is a phased treatment. Phase one takes place before all the teeth have erupted, while phase two begins when the child has all their permanent teeth. Not only does this allow phase two to be shorter in duration, but it allows for more successful results in the end. Interceptive orthodontics can help correct bite problems, dental related problems, and/or problems regarding structural development. According to research, ensuring functional, healthy teeth, a healthy bite, and proper skeletal structure during the patient’s youth helps prevent more serious problems from developing with age.


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