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Veneer Your Way to a Brighter Smile

Many of your favorite stars weren’t born with the smiles for which they’ve become famous. Cosmetic dentistry helped them achieve them. And the great news, for you, is that your cosmetic dentist could help do the same for your smile. Whether there are noticeable imperfections in your teeth, like stains or chips, or you just feel your smile could look better, porcelain veneers could help. They are able to quickly correct a number of problems, and to create a more unified bright smile. Perhaps best of all, though, porcelain veneers are rafted to look natural, so that you can smile confidently knowing your smile is all yours, just even better than before.

What Problems Can Veneers Fix?

Porcelain veneers can be used to correct a number of imperfections, both with your teeth themselves and with their alignment. For instance, veneers can help to hide:

  • Chips and cracks
  • Stains, yellowing or other discoloration professional whitening cannot adequately address
  • Worn, jagged or misshapen edges
  • Disproportionally small teeth, or those that are awkwardly shaped
  • Minor gaps between the teeth

The Basics Behind Veneers

Modern veneers require very little preparation of your existing teeth, meaning that your dentist will not have to drastically reduce the size of your teeth in order to apply the veneers. That said, the dentist will need to remove a small portion of your teeth’s front enamel in order to fit the veneers correctly, so that they do not jut out.

For patients unwilling to go through this process, though, “no-prep veneers” offer an alternative. These veneers are made of the same porcelain as traditional veneers, but they are even thinner, so that your enamel doesn’t have to be reduced. Because of their thinness, they may not be able to hide dark staining.

With proper care, meaning daily at-home care and regular professional cleanings, veneers can last more than ten years.


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