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Bonding: Responses To Your Worries

Choosing any cosmetic treatment to improve the way your smile looks may cause you to feel like you’re making a big decision – that’s because you are! However, with this choice comes a long list of benefits including the obvious – an improvement to your smile – as well as improved confidence and general motivation to succeed. If you have been looking forward to dental bonding to transform your teeth into a lovely, cohesive smile, it’s certainly time you receive some responses to those worries that keep sneaking into your mind.

Common Worries About Bonding (And Responses)

Worry: I really want to fix my tooth but I am trying to maintain a budget. I’m worried that dental bonding is expensive and I will have to just live with my esthetic imperfection or choose another treatment.

Response: In the list of cosmetic treatments, bonding is prized for its exceptional budget friendliness – you have made a very good selection.

Worry: I am afraid that dental bonding is the type of treatment that looks good for a year or so and then the problem I’m having with my tooth will be revealed again.

Response: Like any treatment, the better care you take of your smile, the longer the treatment should last. Avoid bad habits like biting your fingernails. Brush your teeth, floss, and see us for cleanings, and your bonding should last up to 10 years.

Worry: I am concerned that the treatment will be time-consuming or uncomfortable – I’m just not sure what to expect.

Response: Bonding offers patients exceptional convenience. First, you will typically only need to schedule one appointment to receive your treatment. It is an easy application that does not cause any discomfort. We apply composite to the area you need treated, use a special curing light to set the material, polish your tooth, and you’re done.