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Contouring: Addressing Your Concerns

We find that patients sometimes feel conflicted as they learn about new treatments. What begins as a feeling of true happiness and positive anticipation may become a strange mix of interest and concern. When it comes to choosing tooth contouring to improve your smile, for instance, you may love the benefits. However, you may feel somewhat uneducated regarding the specifics. Since your introduction to cosmetic procedures is often focused primarily on advantages, we would be happy to answer your questions about deeper details, so you feel secure in your choice to contour your smile.

Q&A: Tooth Contouring

Question: How will you know if tooth contouring is safe for me?

Answer: We will speak with you about your smile and examine your teeth. We may also take digital X-rays of your smile if necessary. With these detailed images, we can determine the thickness of your enamel (tooth’s outermost layer) to ensure we do not compromise the healthy structure of your tooth.

Question: Will I need to schedule very many appointments to achieve the esthetic improvements I want?

Answer: No, you will probably only need to schedule one visit to complete your contouring. This is one of the benefits most beloved by patients. After just a single treatment, your smile can look dramatically improved.

Question: I’ve been looking for an affordable option that will help my smile look better. Is tooth contouring considered a budget-friendly option?

Answer: Fortunately, tooth contouring is one of the most affordable cosmetic treatments available – it is in line with dental bonding. You can make a variety of improvements without the weight of a large investment.