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Emergency Dentistry: Take This Quiz

When you experience a dental trauma, do you know what to do? Are you even sure what qualifies as a dental emergency? We believe that the last thing you should be concerned with when you’re in discomfort or dealing with a mishap like a broken tooth is feeling confused about how to proceed. As a result, we invite you to test your knowledge. This will help you discover what you already know (and you might learn a new fact or two in the process). The most important thing to remember? We offer emergency dentistry visits, so you know just where to turn when in need.

Emergency Dentistry Quiz: True or False?

  1. True or False: As long as your emergency revolves around an oral problem, you should visit us for an emergency dentistry appointment – even if the problem may threaten your life.
  2. True or False: If your tooth is injured then your problem qualifies as an emergency. However, if you’re just suffering from severe discomfort, you will need to wait for a regularly scheduled checkup.
  3. True or False: Once you are aware that you need emergency dentistry, you should contact us as quickly as possible at 832-437-3849, so we can quickly identify the source of your problem and improve and protect your oral health.

Quiz Answer Key

  1. False. If your problem is life threatening in any way (even if your mouth is injured) you need to call 911 or visit your local emergency room.
  2. False. Your dental problem qualifies for emergency dentistry if you cannot wait for a regularly scheduled visit. This can mean that your tooth requires immediate attention, you are in pain, you are experiencing swelling, or anything else requiring urgent care.
  3. True. Your best solution is to contact us for an emergency dentistry visit. In some cases, waiting may mean serious damage or the life of your tooth.