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3 Children’s Dentistry Tips

Taking care of your own smile requires daily responsibility and a dash of foresight. When it comes to taking care of your child’s smile, however, it can become something that causes you to feel quite overwhelmed. You want, of course, to assist your child in maintaining a healthy, beautiful smile, while establishing good hygiene habits that will last a lifetime. Rather than allow yourself to become stressed by this aspect of your life, we encourage you to relax. By becoming familiar with a few children’s dentistry tips, you will find that a committed approach and a bit of know-how is all it takes to keep your little one’s smile in excellent condition – not too bad!

Tip #1: Choose Sealants

Please ask questions about dental sealants if you’re considering them but are still unsure about their benefits. These are simply thin plastic coatings that we place over the chewing surface of the back teeth in your child’s smile. The barrier offers wonderful protection against tooth decay, keeping plaque and food particles from hiding in the tiny spaces in your little one’s molars.

Tip #2: Choose the Right Products

If you’re giving your child an adult size toothbrush or toothpaste he or she does not enjoy, brush time may not be going so well. Make sure you’re choosing a brush from the children’s section of the oral hygiene aisle. Let your little one pick his or her own children’s toothbrush. A significant aspect of children’s dentistry is ensuring your child enjoys dental care. This is a good reason to make sure your child’s fluoridated toothpaste is also yummy and child-appropriate. Strong mint and cinnamon flavors are often overwhelming and somewhat uncomfortable for young smiles.

Tip #3: Schedule Consistent Preventive Visits

Schedule a children’s dentistry preventive visit once every six months. The more consistently your child visits us, the easier is for us to remove plaque, monitor development, and to help your child grow accustomed to committed care.