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Why You Need Sleep Apnea Treatment

Have you been diagnosed with sleep apnea, a disorder that interrupts your ability to sleep through the night? If so, it’s a problem we suggest you don’t take lightly. You see, in researching this sleep disorder a bit further, you will find that your nightly waking episodes – though you may not remember them in the morning – can result not only in extraordinary exhaustion but also in additional short- and long-term side effects. Do yourself a favor — make seeking treatment to improve your sleep a priority in your life, so you can once again enjoy the exceptional benefits of a good, solid night of rest.

About Sleep Apnea Treatment

We offer professional sleep apnea treatment with the use of oral appliance therapy. You will receive a custom-fitted oral appliance that you may think of as a mouth guard – it will carefully yet effectively shift the position of your jaws while you sleep to promote airways that remain open. The result? You will be able to breathe freely and consistently during sleep, while the appliance prevents the collapse of your throat tissues that leads to sleep apnea events.

Why You Need Sleep Apnea Treatment

You need sleep apnea treatment because the side effects can become quite bothersome and even dangerous. Though you will first notice annoying symptoms like exhaustion, neglected sleep apnea may eventually threaten your life. Consider the following:

  • Improve Your Daily Life: Treatment will address daily problems, which may include mood swings, fatigue, trouble concentrating, a tendency to fall asleep when you need to remain awake and alert, sore throat, and morning headaches.
  • Prevent Long-Term Health Problems: Sleep apnea treatment will also prevent the development of serious long-term complications, which may include high blood pressure, liver problems, and cardiac problems.