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Your Dentist’s Suggestions of What To Offer Instead of Candy

Even if you want to give the neighborhood kids something healthier than candy this Halloween, it doesn’t have to mean you are the neglected house on the block trying to dole out toothbrushes. There are lots of fun alternatives to traditional Trick-or-Treat loot that can both create smiles on your young guests’ faces, but also help keep those same smiles healthy. If you want to give out something other than metallic-wrapped sugar this Halloween, here are some of your children’s dentists’ best suggestions for alternatives to those often cavity-inducing treats!

Explore The Options Outside of Candy

Rather than simply trying to find the most “healthy” candy you can, focus your energy instead on providing welcome, different alternatives. After all, most kids will go home with plenty of candy on Halloween night. Why not give them something a bit healthier and every bit as good?

Minimally processed crackers are an easy substitution for sugary treats, as are pretzels. There are also many fruit-based options that provide a natural sweetness, but with a lot more nutrition than any candy can. Mini boxes of raisins, juice boxes, all-natural fruit snacks and others can be found with little or no-added sugar. These make great treats or party favors; just make sure to choose the lowest-sugar options to keep the focus on healthy ingredients.

Even miniature water bottles make great gifts for Trick-or-Treaters who will likely be thirsty by the time they reach your stoop.

Of course, nobody said a “treat” has to be edible. Small toys, games, puzzles, glow sticks, stickers, and other trinkets can make great alternatives to candy, and are ones that won’t require restorative care for a cavity-ridden smile after the holidays, either.