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Filling You In On Modern Teeth Fillings

Ouch. Has that afternoon treat started to feel more like torture? If you’ve noticed an increase in tooth sensitivity, discomfort, or worse, outright pain when you bite into something sweet or cold, it could likely be because you have developed a cavity. And while that’s not exactly the kind of news anyone wants to receive from his dentist, it doesn’t have to mean the end of your beautiful smile, much less your world. In most cases, especially if it’s caught early, a simple tooth filling is enough to save a tooth damaged by decay. So if you suspect you might have a cavity, call your restorative dentist now, and find out if a filling is needed to help preserve your great smile, restore your oral health, and bring back the joy you used to feel when you took a bite or sip of a special sweet treat.

What Causes Cavities?

Cavities are formed when plaque bacteria become hardened on the teeth or along the gums. This then creates acid, which can erode the enamel of the teeth over time. Cavities can be caused by a diet too high in sugar, poor oral hygiene, chronic dry mouth, hereditary causes or a combination of the above. But regardless of the initial cause of the cavity, the treatment is almost always the same.

How Does a Filling Work?

After cleaning the tooth affected by the cavity, a dentist can then add a simple tooth filling. This procedure is minimally invasive, rarely requires any form of sedation, and can often be completed in under an hour.

A filling helps to protect the fragile tooth and restore the appearance of a smile. And since teeth fillings can now be created using composite resin made to match your teeth’s shade, the resulting restoration will be quite natural looking, so you can not only smile comfortably, you can also smile confidently!