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Shine Brighter Next Year with Cosmetic Dentistry

Is your only resolution to start the new year feeling more confident? If so, the start of a new season is a wonderful time to finally stop hiding imperfections in your smile and to instead correct them through cosmetic dentistry. Whether dark staining is your only concern, or minor alignment issues have made you feel self-conscious for years, there are a number of treatments available that can help address those concerns and give you a beautiful, yet still natural-looking smile. So, don’t wait another year to achieve the smile you’ve been dreaming about; seek cosmetic dentistry instead.

Understanding Your Options and Selecting Treatment

  • Unlike over-the-counter options, professional teeth whitening is designed to drastically reduce staining and dramatically brighten teeth. If you want a truly bright smile, professional whitening can provide great results, quickly, and comes with the advise of a cosmetic dentist about how to preserve those results and keep your smile healthy and shining after treatment.
  • For issues more complicated or extensive, many patients choose either bonding and contouring or porcelain veneers. Both can address shape and size problems with individual teeth, and can even hide minor gaps between teeth. However, bonding is faster and more affordable, while veneers are designed to be more stain-resistant and chip-proof. Choosing which treatment is right for you will depend on your lifestyle, your smile concerns, your ideal enhancements and your budget.
  • During an initial consultation, your cosmetic dentist can help determine which treatment is best for you, or advise you if a combination of treatments is the only way to achieve your ideal smile. For instance, some patients choose to whiten all their teeth before using veneers to correct a few that are jagged along the edges and disproportionally small.