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Could Cosmetic Dentistry Be a Smile Solution?

Do you find yourself laughing, with friends from behind a closed-mouth grin? On dates, do you talk softly and hold a glass in front of your mouth, for fear the date will only see the imperfections in your teeth? If you are tired of feeling insecure and trying to hide your smile, it’s time to talk with a cosmetic dentist about how treatment could help you feel proud of your pearly whites!

What Treatment Is Right for You?

There are actually a number of treatment options available that can help address a variety of imperfections. So chances are good that there is a cosmetic procedure that can help make your smile more beautiful!

For instance, if staining is your only issue, professional teeth whitening can provide dramatic results by reducing stains and brightening the teeth. It’s also fast and affordable.

If the size or shape of some of your teeth is the reason for your concern, cosmetic bonding, contouring or cosmetic veneers could help. Bonding and veneers can both help make disproportionally small or misshapen teeth more even with the rest of the smile, while contouring can be used on teeth that are overly large. Bonding and veneers can also effectively hide minor gaps between the teeth, and permanent staining as well. Determining which is right for you will depend on your lifestyle, budget and how much time you have before you’d like your smile improved. In some cases, the dentist may recommend combining treatments for the best results. For instance, whitening could help lighten the majority of your smile, while veneers might be needed on a few teeth to create a more uniform smile!