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Snoring? Try NightLase® Laser Treatment!

Good news! Did you know that by seeking professional treatment for snoring, you can expect exceptional results? Even better news: Whether you’ve just realized snoring is affecting your quality of life – or if you’ve tried everything from oral appliances to a CPAP machine – advanced NightLase® snoring laser treatment offers a way to stop the snoring. Ready to learn more? In addition to gathering a few details with a quick read, you can also stay tuned to KRIV Fox 26 news in Houston on Thursday, May 26th to watch Dr. Lathrop’s segment on how we treat snoring!

What Is NightLase® Laser Treatment?

This snoring treatment is different from others you may have tried in the past. Unlike an oral appliance, which repositions your soft tissues – or a CPAP machine that uses airway pressure to keep your air passages open – this treatment relies on the use of a soft-tissue laser. With the gentle use of precisely directed heat pulses, the laser treatment will lead to the tightening of the soft tissues that partially block your airways (which causes snoring). The result? Consistent nightly sleep.

Do I Need Snoring Treatment?

It’s possible that you’re snoring at night but you haven’t realized it yet. As a result, determining whether you require NightLase® laser treatment is a bit difficult on your own. For some patients, a significant other will complain about the nightly, noisy distraction. For others, a morning sore throat, fatigue, and dry mouth may point to the possibility of the concern. If you’ve been told you’re a snorer or have a sneaking suspicion it may be time for treatment, schedule a visit with us today! We will examine your oral tissues and determine whether laser treatment is a good fit for you.