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Shape Up Young Smiles This Summer

Are you relieved that it’s summer because you can finally schedule all of that essential stuff for your children that becomes too difficult during the school year? If so, remember to make dental care a part of your little ones’ experience. Remember that even if you have been keeping up with six-month preventive care visits, there are some other aspects of your child’s oral health that can use some attention. Contact us as soon as possible to schedule your little one’s next visit! For now, let’s explore some important ways to protect those developing grins.

Schedule Extra Preventive Treatments

Even if your child has seen us within the past six months for a dental care visit, it’s important to think beyond cleanings and exams. For instance, has your little one come in to see us for dental sealants? How about for fluoride treatments? These children’s dentistry solutions both provide immense protection for growing teeth. Why not schedule some time this summer to bring your child in for these treatments that offer significant safeguarding against problems like tooth decay?

Talk To Us About Mouthguards

An athletic mouthguard can provide your child with the extra buffer he or she needs to avoid accidental dental emergencies and the need for unexpected restorative care. Here’s what you need to remember: If a bat, ball, elbow, or otherwise comes into contact your child’s mouth during an athletic activity, the end result can include a broken tooth or even a tooth knocked out of its socket. Play it safe and avoid the need for complex dental care by giving your child the gift of a preventive athletic mouthguard to wearing while playing sports.