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Smile Care Frequency: Q&A

Do you have some questions about how often you should be doing particular things for your oral health – but you are embarrassed to ask? Maybe you don’t really know if you’re brushing too infrequently or too often, if you’re brushing for the required amount of time, or if you need to come in to see us more than you do. While we would like to remind you that we always welcome these and other questions, we are glad to offer the quick responses you need with a Q&A session.

Questions And Answers

Question: How many times a year should I be coming in to see you? Do I just come in when it feels like it’s time – and what if something is wrong with my smile, does that count as a visit?

Answer: This is very simple, fortunately! We want to see your smile two times a year, with those appointment scheduled six months apart, for your preventive care visit. This will help safeguard your oral health. As for any other reasons you may need to see us, they have no affect on the two preventive visits – they are additional appointments. There is no minimum or maximum on visits for other concerns, from cosmetic care to restorative dental work.

Question: I’m confused about how often I should be brushing, how often I should floss, and how long it should be taking me.

Answer: Don’t worry, this is a very common oral health question. For brushing: Do it twice a day, one time in the morning and one time at night. Each time you brush, make sure it takes you two full minutes. For flossing: Floss one time a day – it should take as long as you need to clean between all teeth (and behind back teeth).

Question: Can I brush and floss more than that if I want to?

Answer: Yes. Just make sure you’re using gentle pressure to avoid irritating your smile.