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Straighter Teeth in Six Months? Really?

Not so long ago, wearing braces meant visiting an orthodontist regularly for a year (or more.) Wires were tightened and adjustments were made, as teeth shifted into corrected positions. Jaw alignment issues and malocclusion (when teeth don’t meet properly) are often corrected with traditional braces, and may take considerable time. If you are bothered by minor tooth alignment issues, you may be a good candidate for SixMonthSmiles. As the name says, you can see cosmetic corrections with an accelerated timeframe. Treatment that begins in the summer can be finished around the end of the year!

For the Teeth That Show When You Smile

Six Months Smiles uses clear brackets and almost invisible wires to straighten crooked teeth at then front of your mouth. While seemingly minor imperfections may not affect your ability to chew comfortably or speak clearly, there is no reason to endure years of hiding behind your hand when you laugh.

Feel Confident in Photos and in Person

Your smile is the first impression many people will have, and your smile should add to your confidence. Six Months Smiles can correct many instances of teeth with slight overlap, or a mild twist or turn, as well as teeth with awkward spacing. And Six Month Smiles can do this in an almost-invisible way. If you are interested in knowing more about accelerated orthodontic care, please make a consultation appointment. If Six Months Smiles are not right for you, we can make other suggestions to help you love your smile.