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How To Enjoy A Relaxing Dental Filling

Are you a little unsure about coming in for a dental filling? Is your main concern that you want the experience to be as relaxing as possible but you aren’t sure how to approach things? You already know that you will be comfortable because we will numb your tooth. However, you likely wonder how to feel calm throughout your visit. Good news! Feeling nice and tranquil is easier to accomplish than you might have imagined. Take a few pieces of advice to heart.

Bring Your Music

Are you someone who drifts away while listening to music? Perhaps certain songs bring back good memories and make you feel happy and relaxed. Maybe you even listen to guided meditation to feel at ease. Whatever the particulars, you may want to bring your MP3 player with you, so you can sit back, relax, select your favorite album or playlist, and enjoy your experience.

Ask About Sedation

It’s always a good idea to ask about sedation dentistry if you are worried about being able to relax during your dental filling. For some, sedation will allow you to see that a filling is a simple procedure, so next time – you won’t need sedation at all. For others, sedation is a welcome relaxant for every procedure. Whatever works best for your needs is what makes us smile. Let us know if you’re interested in sedation before your visit.

Bring Up Your Other Questions

Curious about how long a dental filling takes, when you will be able to eat, about the instruments we are using, or anything else? Feeling calm is often about feeling informed, so ask us your questions. Our team will always take the time to respond!