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What’s A Cavity Feel Like?

When you are doing your best to protect the health of your smile, you may find yourself wishing to learn more about symptoms of common dental ailments, such as the symptoms of a cavity. The positive aspect of your curiosity is that you’re remaining dedicated to keeping your smile in wonderful shape. The not so fantastic aspect of seeking out symptoms is that they will not always provide you with the foolproof method of safeguarding your teeth that you want. Allow us to explain more.

About Cavity Symptoms

The symptoms of a cavity may or may not occur, which is why becoming familiar with them can be either helpful or unhelpful. If symptoms do appear, you may notice a dark spot or a small hole in your dental tissue. Or, whether or not you see a visible sign of a change, you may experience discomfort in the form of pain. Most often, this includes pain when chewing, pain when consuming something sweet, or a generalized toothache. If these symptoms present themselves, it is best that you contact us right away to be seen.

About The “No Symptoms” Concern

When you’re hoping to rely on symptoms of a cavity, you must recognize that they may not show up. Or, they might show up long after the decay has begun to form and advance. This might sound like a cavity can simply show up and surprise you without your knowledge but that is not the case. We can easily monitor your smile for decay and other concerns if you take time to visit us for checkups once every six months. We will seek out the early signs that you cannot see.