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Receive More Than General Dental Care

Are you worried about your dental care because you would like to choose a practice that offers everything? Perhaps you want the care you require on a regular basis in addition to specialized areas for more specific needs. Good news! We provide a wide array of services that extend beyond general care. Ready to find out more regarding the diverse selection of treatments you may receive (all under just one roof)? Let’s explore for a moment!

We Offer Dental Implants

General care is wonderful when it comes to protecting your teeth from damage (thanks to preventive dental treatments) and when fixing minor issues like cavities. However, when faced with tooth loss, you need prosthodontics. What is this? It’s the specialized field that deals with replacing missing teeth. Good news! We offer dental implants, so you can look forward to a full, healthy smile again.

We Provide Sedation

We go above and beyond when protecting not only your oral health but also your comfort. If you have a hard time relaxing during dental visits, let us know and we will talk about dental sedation choices with you.

We Offer Emergency Dentistry

Sometimes general care just won’t help because you can’t wait for your next visit. When you need help right now, take us up on our offer for emergency dental services. We will address the problem ASAP.

We Provide Orthodontics

Misaligned teeth are more than just a cosmetic nuisance; they can affect your dental health, as well. We encourage you to speak with us about orthodontics if you are unhappy with your smile (or we may suggest orthodontic care during a checkup) to align your teeth for a healthier, more attractive grin.