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3 Ways To Avoid Tongue Damage

Did you know that you can damage your tongue? If you are like most people who have accidentally bitten down into food and a bit of tongue tissue, then you already know that the answer is, “Yes.” As for how to go about avoiding oral health issues like a damaged tongue, we encourage you to think logically and to remember the significance of prevention. Want some helpful details? We’re ready to share them!

Prevent Bruxism

If you are worried about the prospect of a damaged tongue, you will want to prevent bruxism disorder. Yes, this oral health issue can crop up on its own but it is something we can treat preventively (meaning, we treat it before damage happens) with a simple approach. Without treatment, your consistent clenching or grinding may lead to a chewed tongue or one with a border that appears scalloped.

Wear An Athletic Mouthguard

You can easily bite your tongue if you are taking part in active events like sports. Whenever possible, wear an athletic mouthguard to ensure any impact does not lead to oral health damage, whether that’s a bitten tongue, bitten lip, bitten cheek tissue, or tooth damage.

Use Car And Bike Safety

Your oral health is no stranger to accidents of the vehicular variety. Always wear a seatbelt when you’re in a car to avoid unnecessary injury in the event of a hard stop or otherwise. As for bike riders, keep your helmet on at all times to keep your entire head (your mouth, too) safe.