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Why We Offer Restorative Dentistry

Do you know why we offer restorative dentistry? If you answered something along the lines of, “Because you want us to have healthy smiles,” then you are certainly on the right track. However, when we’re talking about what makes restorative care different from preventive or cosmetic, this is when we get into the details regarding how a restoration specifically affects your smile. We are ready with some insightful details that will shed light on how restorative work can truly impact your oral health when you need it most.

It Can Rescue Your Oral Health

First things first, when something is wrong with even one tooth in your mouth, your oral health is no longer in good condition. This is because, though your smile is composed of multiple smaller units, it functions as one larger unit to help you speak, laugh, sing, eat food, and so on and so forth. By offering restorative dentistry treatments like dental fillings, dental crowns, root canal therapy, and extractions, we offer avenues of improvement that will rid your smile of disease and repair physical damage. The result? A healthy smile.

It Can Make Your Teeth Pretty And Functional Again

While we focus heavily on protecting the health of your smile, so progressive illnesses and damage do not lead to additional disease and harm, there’s more to it than just that. Yes, you want a healthy smile but you also want to be able to rely on restorative dentistry to make your smile look healthy again and to ensure it works to its full capacity. This is the other side of restorative care. We use beautiful, lifelike materials for repairs that look natural, as well as those that will allow you to regain your usual habits for a smile that seems like new.