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Crown Questions: Believe The Benefits!

If it’s time for you to receive a dental crown, you are probably hoping that the benefits you have been hearing about are actually true (and you will be happy to discover in just a moment that they are, in fact, everything you’re hoping for!). However, when becoming familiar with the advantages of this restorative treatment, you might find it difficult to get a straight answer as you perform independent research. Make your life easy and instead, come to us with these question! Right now, we suggest you get a head start with our answers to frequent concerns.

Questions and Answers: Crowns

Question: Is it true that my tooth is really going to look not only whole again but also like a real tooth?

Answer: Yes! This is absolutely true and one of the major benefits of receiving a dental crown. While you may opt for a metal crown for very back teeth, we offer all-porcelain, porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM), as well as zirconia crowns. As a result, you can achieve a natural tooth finish if you so desire.

Question: I’m worried that receiving my dental crown is going to be very time consuming or uncomfortable but everyone keeps reassuring me that it will be fine. Can you speak to this?

Answer: Of course. You generally need only two visits until final placement, so it’s quite convenient. As for your comfort, placement is simple! However, if you feel nervous, we will be happy to accommodate you with a light sedative.

Question: The idea of having a dental crown in my smile makes me feel like I can’t go about life as usual. Will I have to change my eating habits or dental hygiene?

Answer: Nope! Keep eating as you usually do (practicing caution as you would for natural tooth tissue) and brushing, flossing, and scheduling prevention with our practice.