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New: GLO Science Teeth Whitening!

If you spend any time researching teeth whitening options for your smile, you may have heard of our new whitening system we are excited to offer our patients! It’s called GLO Science and can provide you with some exceptional benefits that include surprising comfort and convenience. Even more exciting? We are offering a holiday special, so give us a call to find out more and to schedule your visit for a vibrant smile just in time for the autumn and winter holidays.

What Is GLO Science?

This is a teeth whitening system that has been created for use both in our practice and at home. Before you make any assumptions, remember that this is a new system with new advantages! Unlike older modes of improvement, GLO does not require you to receive impressions to create your trays. Thanks to a new approach, impressions are simply unnecessary. What this system does rely on is included in the following:

  • A rechargeable closed system mouthpiece that doubles as an activating light
  • Whitening gel formulated to remain on teeth without traveling
  • Lip care to protect soft tissues

The Benefits

When you choose our GLO Science teeth whitening system, you are choosing a new type of cosmetic care that offers enhanced protection for your smile, while promoting improved brightening. This is possible as a result of new technology. Once whitening gel is placed on your teeth, the closed mouthpiece we mentioned is placed over your smile. It “GLO’s” (GLO is show for Guided Light Optic technology), resulting in whitening gel that remains activated. Translation: The mouthpiece safely traps in the heat, light, and bleach (that stays where it belongs), yielding an extremely white smile without sensitivity.