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Gum Disease: 3 Things To Remember

When it comes to caring for your smile, you may find yourself feeling like there’s a lot to remember! While it’s true that there are many details you may wish to learn about, keeping your smile in good condition is actually very simple. For instance, to ensure you’re doing your best with your gum health, you need only to remember a few factors, so you can look at preventing gum disease as a simple matter rather than a complex task.

#1: Gum Disease Becomes Permanent

At first, your gum health problem is not something that will stick with you. It’s something that we can treat and eradicate. During this phase of the problem, we refer to your gum inflammation as gingivitis. Unfortunately, once the disease moves past your gingival tissue (gum tissue) and becomes a more widespread issue, it can affect additional tissue supporting your teeth. As periodontal disease takes hold, we can continue to address the problem but we cannot get rid of it.

#2: You Shouldn’t Try To Fix It Alone

If you spend time trying to address the problem by yourself, you may risk missing out on the ability to come in for professional care that can cure your problem. Unfortunately, your efforts will not suffice. Don’t wait until the problem becomes extremely severe. Instead, see us right away for best results.

#3: Prevention Is So Easy

Keeping your gum health in order is so simple! Brush your teeth (do it two times and make sure you do this daily) and floss your smile (also ensure this occurs once daily). Removing plaque is the key to protection.