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Not Flossing? 3 (Not Good Enough) Excuses!

Do you have some very compelling excuses regarding why you don’t floss your smile? If so, we applaud you for whatever creativity or feelings of earnestness you have put into those excuses. However, to help protect your smile, of course, we are ready to examine a few very common (yet unacceptable) of these excuses to more thoroughly explain to you the following: There’s always a way to floss and this part of your dental hygiene is just so important.

Excuse #1: I Can’t Get The Floss Between My Teeth

If you have teeth with tight spaces or those that overlap one another, this may pose a challenge when it comes to your flossing and dental hygiene in general. However, it is not something you cannot overcome. Instead, it just requires you to make specific purchases. Reach for the “tape” dental floss (it’s very flat) or waxed (it’s much slicker), so that you can slide it more easily between tight spaces. In addition, you may wish to visit us to discuss more options.

Excuse #2: There’s Nothing Between My Teeth To Floss

Perhaps you think that since you didn’t eat anything that might become lodged between your teeth (or because you don’t see or feel any food particles), there’s no reason to floss. This isn’t quite right. Of course, it’s important to rely on dental hygiene to remove leftover food from your smile. However, the primary reason for flossing is to remove plaque, so it does not remain in place and turn into tartar. This requires daily flossing.

Excuse #3: I’m Probably Not Doing It Right Anyway

If you’re worried you’re not flossing correctly, you are not at a loss for answers. Talk to us about your dental hygiene, ask for steps, ask for tips, and even ask for a demonstration. We will provide all of this (and more), so you know how to floss correctly.