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FAQs About Tooth Decay Prevention

Cavities impact people of all ages, from children to adults. Without treatment, a seemingly minor oral health concern can soon lead to an infection or an abscess, threatening your smile’s stability. We can help protect your smile with tips on tooth decay prevention.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tooth Decay Prevention

Question: Does the food and drinks we consume lead to cavities?

Answer: Yes. When you consume foods and drinks high in sugar and other starches, bacteria will break down the sugar articles. The process coats the teeth in a sticky biofilm known as plaque and elevates the levels of oral acidity. The outer enamel can weaken and erode as a result.

Question: Is a toothache a potential warning sign?

Answer: In many cases, patients with untreated decay may experience tooth sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures or a persistent toothache. Discomfort that doesn’t subside after 48 hours may be a sign of a problem. You should see your dentist for a diagnosis and to find out if you need treatment.

Question: Will brushing and flossing help prevent decay?

Answer: Yes. When you brush and floss you remove food particles and reduce the risk of cavities forming. You should brush your teeth twice a day and floss once a day.

Question: Should I have my teeth cleaned?

Answer: Every six months you should see your dentist for a thorough dental cleaning. The cleaning removes plaque buildup from the smile, protecting the teeth from the onset of decay, while also brightening them. The procedure also helps combat the risk of gingivitis, gum disease, and bad breath. If you have any questions about decay prevention, or if you would like to schedule a cleaning, then contact our office today.